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The Connection Between Language and Memory

and memory share a curious connection. Research has found that we aren’t able
to describe our experiences in the early stages of our life before catching on
the skills of a language even after we have acquired the words to do so. We
tend to acquire language skills and the ability to memorize around the same

When we
use certain words, we also bring back a lot of memories associated with the
usage of the word. Similarly, when we think back to a time, words rush into our
brain. The field of psycholinguistics has developed to study this phenomenon in

memory and language learning are cognitive functions. The same area of our
brain regulates both. We are often asked to take up a second/third language to
improve our cognitive skills. Learning a new language sharpens our mnemonic
recalling. Surprisingly, it even betters our first language proficiency.
Curious, isn’t it? The origin or functioning of this connection isn’t very
clear yet but ongoing studies are trying to get to the base of it. So the next
time you wonder why a certain word evokes its own set of memories, don’t worry
yourself – just tell yourself it’s natural.

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