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Does Language Impact Personal Identity?

is extremely powerful. The way we use has the ability to shape our thoughts and
behaviors. It enables communication and influences the manner in which we build
relationships. Additionally, the language we use also builds our impression in
the other person’s mind. Language is more than the words we use – it is our
tonality, our gestures, and everything in between.

If you use
formal language, you come across as a dignified and respectable personality.
However, if you are the kind to use colloquialisms more in your everyday
speech, you will probably be thought of as more friendly and approachable. At
the end of the day, it is upon you what identity you want to convey to another

also works as a marker of societal conformity. If you happen to be a Netizen
using contemporary Internet slang, it means you are conforming to normal
millennial behavior. On the other hand, if you tend to stay away from slang
usage online, it makes a statement – you are telling people that you are
old-school and prefer using language as its original grammar intended it. You
are not taken in by trends and fads easily and make your own independent
choices free from peer pressure.

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