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Sogou Launches AI-powered Simultaneous Interpretation 3.0

Sogou Inc is a pioneer in search and an innovator in China’s cyberspace landscape. A strategy to have a simple yet efficient interface, Sogou has developed into the second largest search browser by mobile searches and the fourth biggest internet organization by MAU based in China.
Sogou has an extensive variety of different online services and products. Sogou Input Method is the biggest Chinese linguistics input programming for both computers and smartphones. It has made noteworthy advancement in voice and picture inputs, machine interpretation, and Q&A solutions.
Sogou Simultaneous Interpretation 3.0 is one of its kind that can “perceive” and “think” progressively during the translation procedure. Sogou applies Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) advancements that process and recognizes visual media on a presentation slide, deciphering the fundamental data. 
The AI can “think” while deciphering, and the arrangement uses Sogou’s exclusive “Setting Engine,” Knowledge Graph innovation, and online reference book to produce logical information and gather broad foundation data that continuously grasps the speaker’s message precisely.
Sogou Simultaneous Interpretation 3.0 breaks down into:
Tangible contributions from various modalities which include vision, sound, and content.
Improving the return accuracy of slides-based substance.
Advancing translation based capabilities.
A thorough information database using every presentation, subsequently assisting speakers of various expertise to clarify specific information more precisely.
Computer-based intelligence fueled synchronous machine understanding has remained a basic segment of Sogou’s utilization of AI innovation to help cross-language interchanges.

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