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Most Difficult Languages For A Child To Learn

can grasp new dialects far better than adults can. But even children seem to
struggle with learning some languages. Why is this? Let’s learn below.

If your child is a native English speaker, learning Russian will be a mammoth
task for them. This is because English language and Russian share minimal

However, if you were to task your child with learning another Germanic language
like Spanish or French, they will perform much better. It’s because, since all
of these languages originate from the same language family as English, about
half the words and expressions are common between them. 

Also, children tend to be more adept at picking up spoken languages rather than
languages which necessitate intricate character study, such as Chinese,
Japanese, or Persian. 

However, if you were still to compare an adult’s learning capacity for
difficult languages with a child’s, you would notice that a child outperforms
the adult. The child would be able to gain decent competency in complex tongues
like German and Russian sooner than any adult ever could. 

If you want your English-speaking child to begin his/her second-language
learning, choose another Germanic language for starters. You could probably
introduce them to more complicated languages as they gain more language skills
with age.

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