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Endangered British Languages

English might be the lingua franca of the world today, but other British languages haven’t had the same success. In fact, several British languages are either endangered or extinct. What are some of these languages? Let’s learn below –
Polari – Polari was a code language spoken by circus and carnival men and women. It was also spoken by homosexuals who had to hide from societal censure. The language was derived from Romani, Italian, English and other languages. It was later found out by mainstream society and refused to remain a secret language. Also, the legalization of gay relationships rendered its existence redundant.
Old Kentish Sign Language – Originating in Kent, this sign language enabled deaf and dumb kids born into communities in Kent to communicate with their hearing family and peers.
Irish – Many people have tried to the best of their abilities to revive Irish, but the language remains endangered till date.
Scots – Another much-recognized language, Scots – spoken in lowland Scotland is intricately related to English. The Cambridge database of dying and dead languages specifies Scots as being a “vulnerable” language. 
Some of these endangered languages are native to Britain, while others were brought in by immigrant communities. But they all have one thing in common – they are gradually facing extinction.

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