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Looking to Land a Job as a Transcriber in 2020? Here are the Skills You Need.

A transcriber is responsible for making transcriptions from speech to writing. Transcribers are commonly required to render their services for several industries ranging from legal to medical. While transcription may seem like an easy job, there are specific skills that an individual needs to possess to have a successful career in transcription services in 2020. We discuss a handful of these skills below.
• Sharp listening ability – Transcription work cannot occur without an attentive listener focusing on the speech required to be transcribed. Often, transcribers have to work with parts of audio, which are barely audible, and they are required to make guesses to reproduce these parts. Only somebody with a sharp listening ability will be able to transcribe accurately in such situations.
• Above-average memory retention – A transcriber with a good memory will be able to transcribe long dialogues without having to frequent pause or replay the audio they are required to transcribe. Frequent pausing of source audio can slow down their work output.
• Good typing speed – Most transcribers today are required to type into the text their transcriptions from the auditory source material. A fast typing speed is an asset in transcription jobs, as a result. In addition, the typing should also be as error-free as possible, so the transcriber doesn’t have to revise their transcriptions, once made.

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