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Standard Legal Compliance Regulations for Transcription Services

Transcription is the act of noting down the text content of an audio or video for a quick perusal by the audience. If you’re a multimedia content creator or a company that produces audio-visual content, you might want to engage transcription services. Why? Well, subtitles for your audio-visual content will help the section of your audience that might have an auditory impairment of some kind. Also, transcriptions in the form of subtitles help retain audience attention in your content.
If you are looking to collaborate with a transcription service provider, make sure they are legally compliant. It is true that legal compliance regulations for transcription services differ from one country to the other. However, the specifications that your transcription needs to meet, according to the World Wide Web Consortium, are –
Transcriptions provided should be a minimum of 99% accurate
Content should be transcribed as near verbatim as possible
The transcriber must use grammar and punctuation as required, for providing the consumer with maximum clarity in comprehension
Identifying the speaker will enable the audience to understand who is speaking
Even non-speech sound should be communicated to the audience
The WWWC has created the WCAG 2.0, including the above regulations, to help transcription services meet uniform legal compliance across the world. If you are training to be a transcriber or currently working as one, be sure to adhere to these specifications when you participate in making transcriptions.
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