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Learning Trends 2020

Every year brings with it a slew of trends and fresh new practices. However, receptors of these trends take time to fully incorporate these trends into their everyday. In this article, we look at the education technology trends that learning professionals are looking to implement in 2020.

In terms of continuous learning, a majority of professionals intend to use online live learning, e-learning, and mobile learning.

Video-based learning will continue to grow. After all, most online traffic today is driven by videos. Educational and learning institutes need to use this trend to their benefit and produce a relevant instructional and interactive video to stay digitally connected.

2020 will witness old-fashioned pen and paper tests being relegated to the back, as online exams are adopted on a more widespread basis.

Self-paced learning will be prioritized. Research has found that most learners today prefer to learn on their own time than at a given point. Learners put self-paced learning even before learning at the time of need. E-learning recognizes this and is designed around this.

Lastly, artificial intelligence will enable institutions to keep a tab on the attendance of students, prevent cheating, and so on, with the help of facial recognition devices powered by AI.

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