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Event And Event Tech Trends 2020

Event Technology advances rapidly, and many changes in the event tech field have come up over the last five years. While some have gained widespread popularity, others have not been able to leave much of a mark. Do you wish to learn about the event technology trends 2020 will bring? Read on below.

Drone usage – Event planners will be using drones more commonly. Drones will be employed not only for security and surveillance but can also be used to improve network availability in remote areas. Here, they will function as mobile hotspots. What more? Drone event photography is also catching on, for the wide-angle and panoramic shots it can offer.

Chatbots for events – Event management companies will be designing simple and efficient chatbots for their event page in 2020 to service attendees by answering some basic FAQs. It will lessen the workload of event managers to a significant extent, who can then focus their attention on taking care of more important tasks.

Event-specific apps – Event managers can really step up their event planning by commissioning to have an app designed for their event. The app can have all relevant information regarding the occasion, including a map service and do’s and don’ts.

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