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Languages to learn in 2019

People learn new languages for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they do it out of interest. Sometimes they do it because they want to perk up their CV. The reasons are endless. So, want to find out which foreign languages will be the most popularly learnt in 2019? Let’s find out –
Arabic – The emerging economy of the Middle Eastern nations and Africa is ripe with opportunities for those intending to make a career there. Currently, the 5th most powerful language in the world, Arabic is only going to climb higher in the hierarchy of language as trade continues to flourish in the Arab countries.
Spanish – Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world and also immensely valuable to negotiate business deals. What more, it is also quite easy to learn for English language speakers.
Mandarin – Mandarin has about a billion native speakers. Almost 70% of the totality of the Chinese population speaks the language. With China’s GDP growth closing in on America’s, Mandarin could soon pose a challenge to the supremacy of the English language in society.
German, Hindi, Portuguese are among the other languages that you could take up this new year. Whichever language you decide to pick up, have a ball!

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