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Key words and phrases to learn in any language

There are some words and phrases that you just cannot do without. These are used for the basic minimum communication. If you ever go to a foreign country, be sure to memorize these words/phrases unless you want to be stranded without any way to convey your intentions. It is arrogant to assume that every country you travel to will know and use English. So, it is best to know how to say the following in any language to boost your communication skills –

Sorry – We, humans, commit gaffes more often than we like. It’s a good idea to know how to apologize for all those uncomfortable situations.

Thank you – You should know how to express your gratitude in the local language of your travel destination. It is polite and it warms the locals to you.

Hello – No conversation can begin without a greeting. So learn how to greet in other languages for those times you come across foreigners and would like to interact with them.

Yes and No – These words are most probably the most essential to learn in any language. After all, it is important to be able to convey whether you are in agreement/disagreement of something.

The words listed above are must-know for any language. There are others, of course. But these are a good place to start.

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