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Languages Of The Future

English may be the lingua franca of the world today, but will the language be able to retain its dominance in the years to come, as well? Will other languages pose competition to English’s hegemony? What languages will you benefit the most from learning now to prepare you for the future? Let’s learn below.
Research carried out on the subject has predicted that Chinese, Spanish, Hindi-Urdu, and Arabic will be among the top 5 languages spoken the most in the future, besides English. The United States will have the most number of Spanish speakers, and Spanish, naturally, will become necessary for external relations with the nation. 
China and India will together control around half of the entire world’s GDP, and so entrepreneurs and businesspersons will benefit from learning Chinese and Hindi. Portuguese and Japanese are other languages which will be of major currency in the world. 
English will still be spoken by a large section of the world. However, if one wants to be able to establish better international business and trade relations, they would certainly do well to pick up some of the languages discussed above. After all, one can only gain from learning a new language or two.

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