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How Translation can Take you Places

You can travel the world as a translator. Translating is one of those jobs which aren’t location specific. In the wake of globalization, translators are in dire need in companies all around the world. Some of the documents they are required to work on are travel brochures, technical manuals, literature and articles. English might be the language that connects us all, but other languages like Spanish, German, Dutch, French and Mandarin are equally important for business relations and cultural studies. If you are fluent in at least two languages, a job as a freelance translator may be your calling. 

All you need to do is set up a personal website that will advertise the services you offer along with a few work samples. List your contact information, rates and references, if any and you’re good to go. The website will double up as your portfolio. Freelance translators usually find work based on their portfolio and positive word of mouth. So make sure your work is consistent and high quality, this will help you grow your client base. You can start traveling as soon as you have a steady supply of work. As long as you have a cell phone and internet connectivity, you can work from whichever part of the world catches your fancy.

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