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Eye Scanner Can Detect Whether You Have Mastered A Foreign Language or Not

Although it is difficult to believe, the fact is
a recent eye scanner can actually find out whether a person has mastered a
foreign language or not. So, if you have started taking French lessons, your
eyes can give away the progress of those foreign language lessons. The latest
algorithm has actually managed to accomplish this feat recently. The algorithm
and detect the level of proficiency in a foreign language of a person by monitoring
the eye movements of a person when they are reading a foreign language. Experts
have predicted that there could be a day in the future when this revolutionary
technology will be helpful in creating online learning tools with a more
personalized touch.

It is interesting to note that the prevailing
language tests suffer from many limitations. There are several such instances
when a student could have received a foreign language training to clear a
particular exam However, the results of such examinations may not be a correct
reflection of how well they have mastered that language. A team headed by 
Yevgeni Berzak from the MIT (Massachusetts
Institute of Technology) came up with this interesting algorithm that is
expected to come handy in the coming days.

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