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English Words that Have Gone Out of Usage

Language is forever in transition. New words are coined as other words fall out of favor everyday. Every word in any language has a lifespan which is determined by their popularity and usage. English is no different. Want to learn a handful of now obsolete words in English? Read on below –

Facetious – The word is used to describe when a serious matter is not treated with due gravity.
Morrow – Morrow is what was used to refer to the day after the present day when the word “tomorrow” had yet not been coined.
Obsequious – Behavior that is so generous and helpful that it borders on the artificial.
Grumpish – Grumpish is an alternative word for sullen or grumpy.
Apricity – Used to describe a cold Winter day with the Sun shining brightly all the same.
Elflock – The word comes from the belief that the state after you wake up in the morning when you have wavy hair may have resulted from elves tying your hair into locks.
Beef-witted – Basically, another word for “stupid” which has fallen out of usage.
Fuzzle – The act of getting drunk.

Interesting, isn’t it? Maybe you’d be able to use and revive these words in your circle. Sure is worth a try!

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