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Contemporary Internet Dating Slang

Dating in today’s time is not as simple as it used to be before. One look at contemporary dating lingo and you will understand why. In case you’re not of the millennial generation or generally prefer to live under a rock, here’s a compilation of contemporary internet dating slang to update your sensibilities –

Ghosting – When a person you’ve been dating suddenly falls off the radar and stops all communication with you. 
Breadcrumbing – When you keep flirting and welcoming romantic advances from another person with no intention of having it transform into anything but harmless flirtation.
Peacocking – When the person you are interested in/dating puts on a show for you, playing on their most attractive qualities. Basically, when your date tries to focus all your attention on their strengths and downplay their weaknesses.
Micro-cheating – When you aren’t necessarily having an affair outside your current relationship but are still hiding information from your significant other that you should be honest about. For eg: If you’re constantly chatting with a girl/guy who’s expressing interest in you with no motive of actually acting on this interest and still not coming clean to your partner about your interactions with this person.

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