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The Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector is booming currently and there are a lot of jobs made available as a result. If you want to bag a job in this lucrative market space, you will need to learn a few AI programming languages besides having a skill set that supports AI development. What are these languages that come in handy for a career in AI development? Learn below –
Python – Python is perhaps the most important AI development language in existence. It comes with pre-built libraries and unmatched community support. Python presents the most comprehensive framework for DL and ML.
Java – The programming language developed back in 1995 is still going great guns. Java is highly portable, maintainable and transparent. What more? It is supported by a wealth of libraries, is user-friendly, can be conveniently debugged, and can run across a variety of platforms without the need of any external inputs. 
C++ – C++ boasts of being the fastest computer language and as such, is often utilized in time-sensitive AI projects. Commonly used in search engines and for computer game development, it’s fast processing and minimal response time is a boon. Also, it permits algorithms and statistical AI techniques to be used extensively.
There are other computer languages that facilitate AI development, of course. However, knowing the three discussed above will adequately position you for a role in the lucrative AI sector.

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