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Why Should Expats Learn a Foreign Language?

Imagine that you are in a different country and are not familiar with the local language. You are having a very tough time every day when you go out for shopping your daily necessities or communicating with the local people or even co-workers at your workplace. You may be also saving a lot of difficulties while trying to communicate with your child’s teacher as she does not understand what you want to tell her. These are only some of the occasions when you feel furious, lonely, upset and completely frustrated. There are many people who feel that if they can speak English well, they will not have to face some of the above-mentioned issues. Hence, there is no need for them to learn the foreign language to settle at your destination nation. 
The notion is true up to some extent as English is understood and spoken even in many nations that are non-English speaking. At least, the educated citizens of these countries know how to converse in English. Yet, in your regular routine, you may come across different types of individuals ranging from cab drivers, colleagues, salespersons and so on. It is highly likely that some of them do not understand English. Even if they do, they may prefer to communicate in their own mother tongue. When you speak in the other person’s language, you can win their respect. They will feel absolutely flattered that you have made an effort to communicate in their language.

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