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What is Silent Conferencing?

Still worrying about the space crunch in your office to enable different conferences to be held simultaneously? You need to get with the times! Silent conferencing allows you to conduct multiple conferences and presentations simultaneously, in the same venue without interrupting any of these parallelly held conferences individually. How is this possible? Read on to find out.

How Do Silent Conference Systems Work?

Silent conferences utilize a silent conferencing system that generally comprises of conference microphone system for multiple speakers, multiple transmitters and infrared/FM receivers. A silent conferencing event is made possible using the above equipment, and by following the steps listed –
First, the audio signal from the speaker is sourced from a microphone management system. Multiple conference microphones in different places of the room enable multiple presenters to present at the same time.
Next, the transmitter processes the audio signals received from the different speakers and proceeds to broadcast the multiple signals to wireless receivers. Every participant attending is made available to their own FM/infrared receiver. They can choose the audio channel and volume as per their individual preference.

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