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What are the languages of the future?

English speakers better exercise caution. The world is about to register a rise of other languages that will give English a run for its money. In a study conducted by British Council, it was found that Bengali, Hindi, Indonesian and Urdu will lead communication in the business world by 2050. Portuguese, Arabian, Spanish and Russian follow closely on their heels. Overall languages from Asia and the Middle East are expected to replace the popularity of European and North American languages.

Chinese, Spanish and French will be the languages used most often for commonplace communication. English will remain among the preferred languages for casual communication.
Another research by the Engco model of language forecasting found that Chinese, Hindi-Urdu, Spanish, English and Arabic will be the languages most spoken by the year 2050.
Spanish is slated to become the most spoken language in the U.S. and hence any country wanting to establish/maintain trade relations with the U.S. must brush up on their Spanish language skills. As far as Asia is concerned, Indian and China will continue to be the industrial giants and so Indian and Mandarin will grow in reputation among language speakers across the world.

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