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Top Selection Criteria for Conference Interpreters

You have already set the agenda for your conference and have selected your speakers. But are you aware where to get some good language interpreters? Have you thought of ways to ensure that the interpreters are of high caliber? Are you able to judge their resume well, assess their ethics, professionalism and language skills and experience level?
Criteria for selecting conference interpreters

Language combinations

The interpreters you choose should have expertise over all the languages that will be spoken at the upcoming event. Thus, they should be able to understand the different languages to be spoken at the meeting. Plus, they should be working into their mother tongue while taking another interpreter’s output as their source.


The consultant interpreter of your organization should try to get in touch with those interpreters who are well-versed with the topic of the meeting as well as your organization. It is particularly applicable for specialized organizations where the meetings discuss highly technical topics. 


Different meetings will have different purposes and agenda. Thus, they would require different altitudes from the interpreters. For instance, a medical conference will need interpreters who are able to work at very high doped and glide through complicated terminology. On the other hand, the head of a state will need an interpreter who is diplomatic, flexible and discreet.

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