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Some Notable New Inductees into the OED 2019

Every year, the Oxford English Dictionary along with other major dictionaries of the world gets updated with new words and phrases of expression. The exercise helps keep a record of all the fresh new terms of expression that comes to the fore and keeps these dictionaries relevant. Here’s a list of some of the words that have been newly inducted to the OED in 2019 –
A host of Scottish terms such as “bidie-in” and “bigsie” – The term “bidie-in” is defined as a person living with their partner in a non-marital relationship. “Bigsie” refers to a person who has a grandiose image of his own self.
The Afrikaans loan word “dof” and “gramadoelas” – “Dof” means ill-informed or stupid. The word “gramadoelas” refers to a remote region with an uncultured population. 
Welsh English word “jibbons” – The word “jibbons” simply refers to spring onions.
The phrase “kiss my chuddies” – Used frequently by Sanjeev Bhaskar in Goodness Gracious Me, this phrase also made it to the Indian English vocabulary of the OED.
The OED is a treasure trove of words borrowed from all over the world to diversify and enrich English vocabulary. If you need to look up the latest term of expression, just pick up your nearest OED and get to it!

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