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Some Important Tools for Remote Meetings and Collaboration

Your company may enjoy a great business impact when they can bring employees together from different geographical corners of the world. In order to cultivate an effective remote work culture, your employees should be equipped with the right resources, tools and mindset Check out some of these tools for remote collaborations and meetings.


Remote teams need to be in touch with each other through video conferencing. Watching other co-workers on the screen is the best alternative since these employees cannot have in-person meetings. In order to enjoy a successful video meeting, it is crucial to have a stable Internet connection, a microphone, access to good video conferencing software like Zoom and a webcam.

Google Drive

It is a storage platform on the cloud, which enables different remote teams to share and store slide presentations, spreadsheets, and documents. Different team members are able to collaborate or work on the same spreadsheet or document simultaneously. Thus, it is an excellent tool for storing and reporting monthly or weekly metrics, and documenting meeting notes. Plus, it is possible to sync files on Google Drive across multiple devices. Hence, your employees will be able to view as well as modify them from any place. 

Google Calendar

There could be challenges related to scheduling remote meetings. In order to handle this hurdle, you can use the Google calendar. It is a free online calendar enabling your remote employees to view the calendars of one another while scheduling remote meetings.

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