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Simultaneous Interpretation Tips

Unquestionably one of the most challenging skills to perfect in the language services industry is simultaneous interpretation. Great interpretation is an amalgamation of three vital factors – interpretation ability, technology, and preparation. And because the margin of error is narrow, interpreters need every advantage to perform their services accurately. Practicing these techniques will make your interpretations at events and conferences that much smoother.

Concentration – Every word that is spoken into the microphone has to be interpreted. And since you can only translate the content of one speaker at a time, it is advisable to practice listening to a speech while concentrating on another task.

Know the culture – Certain words and phrases have special meanings that only people from that culture comprehend. So depending on your familiarity with colloquialisms, the quality of your endeavor will improve. 

Maintain your composure – Although obvious, keeping calm regardless of the speaker’s words or actions is an integral part of the job. So whether the speaker starts shouting or increases the tempo of his or her speech, don’t let it fluster you. Staying focused on the interpretation will help you avoid making mistakes. 

Mastering your simultaneous interpretations skills will take effort and the right kind of guidance. There is a myriad of companies that offer language services but choosing a world-class organization like Globibo will provide you with access to the finest expertise in the business and put you leagues ahead of your competition.

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