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Remote Simultaneous Interpretation – Scalable and Flexible Way of Translation

Remote simultaneous interpretation refers to the process of live interpretation during an event or meet. When a speaker addresses the meet, the interpreter listens to the speech and translates to another language live. This translation is then broadcast to the participants who can listen to the translation using headphones.

Technical Challenge of Remote interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is itself a significant challenge. This process makes it all the more challenging when it has to be done remotely. Due to the COVID situation, many events are happening remotely. The interpreter would be located somewhere else, listen to the speech, and translate immediately in such a situation. This translated speech has to be broadcast to participants who would be at a remote location.

Technology needs to be used to sort out the ongoing challenges. Software solutions can ensure the interpretation is made seamlessly. Interpretation software can ensure the interpretation is made life and the interpreted speech is sent live to all listeners. Software provided by a professional organization like Globibo can help make this happen 


Using such software ensures precise and accurate interpretation but also help make the event a success so that all participants get to hear the speech live and get its meaning. 

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