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Remote Meeting Tips To Make both Non-Remote and Remote Employees Feel Included

There will be very few who will argue against the fact that it is a tough job to manage your remote employees. While you could have come across tips to manage your remote teams, are you aware how to manage your remote and non-remote employees as part of a single team? It could be an extremely challenging job to manage both these sets of employees, especially when it comes to remote meetings. Here are some of those tips:

Check-in verbally with your remote employees

The physically present participants feel more included when they are attending a meeting. Thus, these sets of people are more relaxed in expressing their opinions and ideas. On the other hand, when some participants attend the same meeting virtually, their physical absence can make it tougher to become active participants in the discussion. In order to counter that, a good manager should develop a habit to verbally check in with their remote participants all through the meeting. It will make the remote participants feel more included.

Make sure that all meeting materials have been distributed to the members in advance

Make sure that you have distributed any visuals that will be used in the meeting and the meeting agenda is available to all the participants beforehand. It will help your remote team members to know what to expect if they join via teleconferencing even when they cannot see physically what you are referring to.

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