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Myths About Outsourcing Corporate Training

While outsourcing processes have become a common trend across industries, many companies still hesitate to outsource their training function as they still nurture certain outdated notions or myths. Check out some of the common myths that many training leaders have with respect to outsourcing their training.

Myth #1: An outsider does not have the same knowledge of the business as an insider

Outsourcing your training function does not signify that you hand over the entire function to a service provider. It rather signifies that you procure the capabilities and expertise of skilled and professional people who know their jobs in and out. There are many organizations where the training function has been partially outsourced for several years. These service providers work closely with subject matter experts, training professionals and customers to assimilate all those learning solutions that meet the business requirements directly. Since these service providers are well-versed with developing, designing and delivering training that can easily deploy these skills to the business issues that need solutions.

Myth #2: You cannot reduce costs through training outsourcing

There is a myth among some companies that cost reduction is not possible through training outsourcing. But it reduces costs in various transactional areas, as well as in some of the strategic areas such as delivery and development of content. The main aim of outsourcing training would be to reduce the cost for training per unit such as per hour, per day or per person.

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