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Mastering the Skill of Communicating with Remote Teams

There is no such thing called the divine intervention as far as achieving seamless communication among team members is concerned. It is indeed an art when a manager is able to take some strategic steps to establish a conducive infrastructure for supporting excellent teamwork. 

Getting the right set of tools

There is nothing better than creative collaboration and team bonding. It is definitely possible for the remote teams to build the same kind of relationship as local teams by embracing a good remote tool for video communications such as, Zoom or Skype. 

Synchronous communication

Today, chat software has become a major game changer for the various remote teams. You will find a host of different choices including Slack. Begin by establishing a tool for synchronous communication so that these team members may enjoy instant access for discussion and get their queries answered on time rather than resorting to emails and waiting for hours to get a revert.

Having a proper roadmap

Remote teams should know what every team member is doing and how the projects look like on various stages. If there is no proper planning tool or a roadmap, a manager may get stuck in meetings lasting for several hours. 

Same calendar tool should be used

The remote team members should follow a common calendar tool to schedule meetings within the team. Irrespective of whether the team members decide to use Fantastical or the Google Calendar, each team.

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