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Least spoken languages in the world

Languages and dialects are dying at an alarming pace all over the world. Growing disinterest in learning dying languages is fueling this trend. Some languages are so rare that they are only spoken by a small remote community. Let’s take a look at the languages that are spoken the least in our world –
 Hanti – Hanti is a West Siberian language spoken by less than 10,000 people at this moment. The languages rely on an evidential system where the speaker has to indicate whether they’ve gained knowledge about something from hearsay or personally witnessed it happening.
 Njerep – Njerep is even more endangered. The Bantoid language has become extinct in Cameroon and is only spoken by 4 people in Nigeria. The youngest person reported to speak this language is 60 – the language is unlikely to survive beyond the current generation, as a result.
 Taushiro – Only one person in the entire world speaks this Peruvian language.
 Tanema – The Tanema language of Solomun Islands also has one surviving speaker. You will need to travel all the way to the Emua village of Solomun Inslan’s Temotu province in order to find somebody who might understand Tanema.
These 4 languages are some of the rarest in the entire world.

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