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Language Politics

politics is nothing but how language is used in the political arena. The
author, George Orwell had famously written about how language is manipulated by
political leaders to model mass perception, back in 1984. Campaign speeches are
integral for rallying voters to a politician’s cause.

scientist Noam Chomsky has explained in his writings how words are the currency
of power in elections. But even besides electoral gains during campaigning,
there are other ways in which language politics manifest –
  • If the interests
    of one language group are promoted over another, in a multilingual country
    – language politics could be at play.
  • When a political
    group tries to suppress the language identity of one group, this too
    indicates a form of language politics.
  • Language politics
    reveals how one dialect is considered to be more superior than others.
  • When a
    politico-legal document mainly uses the pronoun “he,” discounting the
    presence of women in the citizenry – it is an example of language
  • The use of
    “political correctness” or lack of the same, is a manifestation of
    language politics.
  • The use of
    derogatory words to describe a cultural group is also language politics.
and politics are deeply intertwined and becomes inseparable, with time, in the
public conscience.

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