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Key Steps for Self-Publishing

Here are some simple and easy steps to make sure that you do the right things when it is all about publishing your own book.

You need to do a thorough research

Before you complete the first draft of the manuscript, it is imperative for you to do your research and find out what market is suitable for selling your book.

Finish the first rough draft

You should then work towards completing your manuscript’s draft. For some authors, this process may take several months or years.

Look out for an editor

You need to next hunt for a professional and experienced content and copy editor, someone with whom you are likely to share an amicable working chemistry.

Finish your final draft

Peruse through your readers’ feedback as well as feedback from your editor, content reviewers, and fact checkers do that your final draft is as good as possible.

Gather a team

There should be experienced professionals in your team specializing in fields of editing, illustrations, design, and layout and so on.

Designing a catchy cover

An attractive book cover matters a lot as are as catching the attraction of your potential readers is concerned. So you should hire a professional and experienced designer.

Get set for self-publishing

Your product is now all set to go to retail. This signifies that you now have to self-publish your final product.

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