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Improving Typography In Designs

There is a common perception that typography involves only a typeface selection and choosing font sizes. The last task is to decide whether the type will be bold or regular. However, the road to good typography does not end here. A good typography designer will take into account many more details. The latter provides the designer a supreme level of control, permitting them to craft consistent and beautiful typography in the designs.
Measure is the length of line of type. The reader’s eye could be tired or distracted by short lines or long lines. Optimum readability is arrived at by the measure being fixed anywhere from 40 characters to 80 characters. This is inclusive of spaces.
Leading is space between lines of type and plays a major role when it comes to readability. Lines that are spaced correctly makes it much easier for any reader to follow a type. It also improves the text’s overall appearance. Typographic color is also varied by leading. The former is density of composition or tone. A number of factors like wordspacing, type, measure, size, weight and case affect leading. Longer measure means more leading. A thumb rule is to set leading two to five pt bigger than type size. The latter depends

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