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How to learn grammar in a foreign language

Learning grammar of a foreign language is always the most difficult part of learning a new language. Traditionally, grammar was emphasized upon as the main component of language learning. Students were made to study grammar charts. Today, however, grammar has been dethroned from the esteemed position it formerly enjoyed in language learning. How did this happen?

People realized that grammar was not the principal component of a language. Instead, it served a supplementary function. The trick is to keep a relaxed mind when approaching a new language. If you’ve familiarized yourself with one component of grammar in the new language, congratulate yourself and give yourself a break. If you try to pick up too many things at once, it’ll never work and you’ll forget what you’d initially learnt. By all means, make mistakes and learn as you go.

Reminding yourself that conversational grammar is just as important as academic grammar will get you a long way. Grammar that is not acceptable in the written form, may be used commonly in conversation informally. So it’s okay to use this grammar and not beat yourself up about not being able to use “proper” grammar. The key, after all, is to be understood.

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