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How To Get Paid As A Translator

If you are a translator, you know how difficult it is to find clients. When it comes to getting paid for translation work, the most important battle is to find a client. It is even more crucial than the actual translation work. In the absence of clients, you won’t have material to translate.
Once, you find your client and have material ready for translation; the next challenge is getting paid. While the internet has made it easy to find clients across the world and reach out to people in need of your services, collecting payment for your work has become difficult. If you and your client are in separate countries, it becomes hard for you to confront your client in case of a payment dispute. You can blacklist the client, but it won’t help you get paid. Here are some ways that will-
 Draw up a contract which you can use as proof later for your agreement. Also, it will spell out the expectations on both sides of the bargain.
 Ensure that payment is received before delivering the work
 Deal with trustworthy and reputable clients
 Beware of translation scams
Other ways of ensuring you get paid for your translation work is by using watermarks or password protection on your document, which you can then remove after you have received your payment.

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