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How To Facilitate Change Within Your Company?

They say “change is the only constant.” That’s indeed true in every sense, even in the context of an organization. Remember that what worked yesterday may not work today. So it’s crucial that organizations keep pace with change and make everyone across the organization embrace it. Here are a few ways to do so:
1. Know what drives people’s motivation: People’s behaviors are driven by reasons, something that they wish to achieve. Before you bring about change, you need to know why people do what they do. You need to identify their vision, dissatisfaction, and change resistance.
2. Communicate the change to everyone involved: Employees will resist change if they don’t feel safe and in control. To help them feel so, you need to communicate your change strategy clearly to them. Define each detail so that they get a crystal-clear idea of what exactly is expected of them.

3. Measure the change: Lastly, you need to develop a regular tactic to measure the change. You will have to assess the underlying assumptions and beliefs of people to gauge the effectiveness of your change management strategy. The data derived from the exercise can help you tweak your strategy in the future. 

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