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How language influences culture?

Recent cognitive research has found that the language we use greatly influences the way we perceive the world. For the longest time, it was believed that all languages shared a common grammar and infact, were not altogether different from each other. However, with the passage of time, it was found that languages had numerous unpredictable differences between them.
1/3rd of the world’s languages have absolute directions for space. What this constant linguistic training does, is it helps speakers of these languages locate themselves almost anywhere and navigate through unfamiliar landscapes.
Language also influences how we understand causality. So while English always denotes an action to an agent, Spanish doesn’t. In Spanish, instead of saying “X broke the glass”, we say “the glass broke itself”. The way language is used here reflects how a community perceives agency, blame, causality and so on.
So here’s why you should consider learning a new language, if nothing else. You will be gaining an entirely new perspective with which to look at the world. So language is no longer what we use to express our thoughts, it is what shapes our very thoughts. It is a lens that can be used to construct your own reality.

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