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Do Interpreters Need To Be Certified?

An interpreter’s job is to translate spoken/written or signed word from one language to another. It requires proficiency in at least two languages where the interpreter can speak, read, write and understand the language same as a native speaker. Interpreters are required in a variety of industries such as the government, healthcare or academia.
A Bachelor’s Degree is the basic requirement for an interpreter wanting to work for the government. Sometimes, interpreters major in a certain area to gain expertise so they can deftly translate in that professional field. For example, A person with a degree in International Relations will have the knowledge and skills to translate for a Foreign Embassy. Certification is not compulsory for a career in interpretation. One can have a successful career as an interpreter without any government certification. Certification is only desired in certain kinds of interpretation such as Court Interpretation. However, being certified does benefit your CV and gives you credibility as a professional interpreter. You may choose to take accreditation tests voluntarily to assess your fluency in the language. Internships and volunteering in your chosen professional area will greatly enhance your employability. Majoring in a foreign language also helps.

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