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Difference Between Sworn and Certified Translation

Legal translation is a specialized branch of translation service intended to provide translations for legal concepts, terminology, and documents. Due to the specialized nature of legal translation, only skilled specialist translators with a thorough understanding of legal terminology in two or more languages can undertake the task of legal translation and perform it with accuracy. 

Sworn translation vs. certified translation

Sworn translation refers to the translation service provided by professional translators certified to do legal translations by the Court of Law. 

A sworn translation holds the same legal value as the original document to the Department of Justice and foreign administrative authorities.

Sworn translation is usually requested for documents pertaining to work, sales, administrative, scholarly, legal, transportation, civil acts, and technical documents. 

For any document to be considered a sworn translation, it needs to be signed with a seal from a Sworn Translator.

Certified translation refers to legal translation services offered by translation professionals who certify the accuracy of their translations themselves. 

Certified translation services are often required in evidentiary documents, court transcriptions, passports, and immigration-related documentation. You may even choose to request a certified translator to translate your marriage, death, or birth certificate.

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