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Choosing A Typeface

Choosing a font need not be a mystifying process. For a newbie, selecting one from many can be hard work. The number and varieties of fonts are overwhelming- from standard normal fonts to novelty fonts and at the extreme end, bunny fonts.
There is a method to select the font.

Occasion matters

Pick a font like you choose a dress. Choose one appropriate to the occasion. If you look carefully, a distinction exists between typefaces. Some are stylish and expressive while a few are clean and functional. Try to find a font which is midway between the two. Appropriateness should be the only criteria into font selection. If you are confused to select only one, go ahead and select two (or even three) of them. You will find that you use one font almost everyday, and use another font only for select occasions.

Grouping fonts

It is important to create a typeface structure. The typefaces could be divided and then subdivided into large number of categories. The good news is that you need only to focus on five groups to craft an understanding of a majority of types being utilized in present day communication. These are Geometric

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