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Building A Cloud Based Corporate Training System

It is important to point out at the outset that there are some basic differences between desktop training and training modules that are based on cloud computing. The most prominent distinction is that cloud based training modules are independent of operating systems. As a result, such training modules can not only be accessed through a Mac computer but you can also access then over the Windows, iOS or Android faded tablet devices and mobile phones.
To put it quite simply, a modern e-Learning course module needs to adhere to three major criteria. These are ability to be accessed over the cloud, be visual-heavy and should be compatible with mobile interfaces. Many cloud-based training programs that are available in the market usually fulfil the above-mentioned criteria. Such tools are typically subscription based. Plus, these learning management systems are usually more popular among medium and small-sized businesses as there is no need to install software and are usually just plug-and-play.
However, you need to also know that most LMS tools based on cloud computing are less flexible as far as customization is concerned. As such, you will have less chances to personalize such a tool’s dashboard or include own branding.
A second focus area while creating a training module based on cloud is to setup delivery. Based on the kind of lessons to be delivered, a training program may have to be broadcasted at real-time.

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