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Annual Planning Made Simple for Remote Teams

There can be plenty of items on your plate as you juggle between home and work. After all, it is not negotiable to stay efficient and productive. Plus, there could be an added responsibility of coordinating with your remote team that may further add up to your existing stress. However, streamlining your end of the year targets and deadlines need not mean your remote team should travel physically. In other words, the key to your success is an effective collaboration. Read on to know the various steps.

1. You need to create a dedicated workspace

You require a virtual workspace while working together with your remote teams fluidly. Space can be used for a real-time chat about latest updates, feedback, review, sharing documents and for project management and scheduling. 

2. Kickoff remote meeting

Schedule a remote meeting and send the agenda prior to the meeting so that it is well-structured. Inform your team members to switch on their videos. Considerable face-time can help to ensure that all of you are in proper sync. 

3. Conduct review meets and revise

You need to have another remote meeting along with those remote team members to review the entire plan as a group. Ask questions such as whether the presentation is able to tell the story clearly or not. Is the data being presented impactful to the audience?

4. Make the final presentation

Schedule another remote meeting with all your stakeholders as well as managers. Do remember to record this meeting and share the link with any member who has not hot the presentation.

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