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2018’s Top Internet Slangs

It can be difficult to keep up with the growing list of slangs in usage. All the abbreviations being proliferated by social media can confuse you even if you grew up with IM and text messages. Slangs usage foster social acceptance among a generation and differentiate the people who use these slangs from other generations. Let’s look at the most commonly used internet slangs in 2018-

Table of Contents


  • Rn – Right now
  • Af – As fuck
  • WRU – Where are you?
  • WUD – What are you doing?
  • SMH – Shaking my head
  • WTH – What the hell
  • TBH – To be honest


  • Burn – To insult someone but in good humor
  • Goals – Someone they aspire to be
  • Extra – To be OTT
  • Lit – Used to describe a place that is fun, entertaining and happening
  • Low key – In a subtle/inconspicuous way
  • Roast – Similar to a burn, just more intense
  • Ship – To wish two people were in a romantic relationship together
  • Salty – To be upset about something insignificant
  • Woke – A person who is socio-politically tuned in to their surroundings
  • Doggo – An endearing way of referring to a dog
  • On fleek – Seemingly naturally flawless

2018 saw a host of internet slangs coming to the fore. The list above is only a microcosmic

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