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Why Starbuck’s Corporate Training Program Is So Good?

Who would debate the success of Starbucks? The corporate training program of the company is a major reason for its popularity as a brand. The success of Starbucks can be understood from the fact that the company has added 2 stores every day on an average for the last twenty-seven years. It also spends more on the healthcare of its employees as compared to coffee beans. Starbucks has realized the importance of customer experience from the very beginning. After all, why should a customer pay so much for a cup of coffee without an excellent customer experience?
A new partner is never even given a chance to commit mistakes even while they have been newly hired. Rather, they are always accompanied b a learning coach or a store manager while they learn the tricks of the trade. There is a 24 hour classroom training program called the “Starbucks Experience” for the newly recruits. The training consists of a detailed overview of the culture and history of Starbucks and its social responsibility programs.
After the completion of all the training programs, the newly joined employee needs to clear a special certificate exam to test their learning. There is a continuous training session spanning over the entire career of a partner as they go up in the organization’s ladder. Another cool feature of the company’s training program is the way they explain Emotional Intelligence to their trainees.

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