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Innovative Silent Conference Experience- Unleashing the Power Tools Product Launch & Demo Workshop


Globibo partners with the power tools industry to deliver innovative and impactful events. Through advanced technology and expert event management, we create immersive experiences that showcase products and engage customers. From dynamic product launches to interactive workshops, Globibo ensures successful and memorable events that drive industry growth and leave a lasting impression. Join us in empowering the power tools industry through cutting-edge event solutions.

CASE STUDY FOR Silent Conference Workshop

Globibo was approached by a renowned power tools manufacturer to provide their tour guide system for a high-profile product launch and demo workshop event. The goal was to effectively showcase the features and functionality of their latest power tool range to a diverse audience of potential customers. The challenge was to create an immersive and engaging experience within a limited and noisy space. To overcome this, Globibo successfully executed 12 parallel sessions simultaneously, ensuring each participant received clear and uninterrupted audio through the tour guide system. The event proved to be a resounding success, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and driving excitement for the new power tool collection. 

By providing trailblazing equipment and expert event management, Globibo helps companies showcase their products and engage customers through immersive experiences. From product launches to interactive workshops, Globibo ensures that every event is a success, leaving a lasting impact on the industry.



Topic Covered







Management of Challenges

  • Provided inputs and assistance in troubleshooting not just Globibo’s equipment but the client’s as well - helped to troubleshoot the client’s intercom during the live event and provided suggestions.
  • Planned sufficient spares and backups in the event of faulty equipment. Globibo communicated this and assured the client that we are confident in delivering our services - Globibo did multiple equipment checks/testing throughout the setup phase, pointed out possible risks such as loud noises and the usage of equipment, providing suggestions and recommendations along the way.
  • Globibo went beyond what is required, providing help with not just manpower to rectify small problems but also having the sense of responsibility to see through the event until the end. Globibo provided assistance in managing, distributing, and maintaining the silent conference system.

Best Experience

Globibo always strives to deliver seamless and high-quality services to its clients. During this event, there was an unexpected issue that arose on-site. The issue occurred during the set-up of the event, where one of the audiovisual equipment was malfunctioning, causing delays and disruptions in the event proceedings. The Globibo team immediately identified the issue and worked together to come up with a solution. With their expertise and quick thinking, they were able to troubleshoot and fix the equipment within minutes, ensuring that the event proceeded smoothly and on time.

Roles / Team Members

  1. Coordinator

    The project coordinator was assigned by Globibo. This coordinator was responsible for coordinating between the manpower employed by Globibo, the client’s events crew, and also assisting the participant with any technical troubleshooting or issues.

  2. Event Crew

    They assisted in guiding the participants with the flow of events during the live demonstration and hands-on experience.

  3. Client PIC

    The client coordinator facilitated all communication between their part-time/full-time event crew and the end client. Ensures proper time management.


Client Feedback

Overall the feedback was very positive, the client was satisfied with the level of service given by Globibo. They were impressed by how prepared we were to accommodate their changes or to provide sufficient backup equipment, providing them assurance or a contingency plan in the event something went wrong. The client found that the Globibo staff were friendly and helpful throughout the event and there were no major issues during the event.

Globibo's silent conference system proved to be a valuable addition to the client’s product launch and demo workshop event. The system provided clear audio, allowing the participants to actively engage in the event without any distractions. The efficient coordination between the Globibo team and the leading manufacturer of power tools company ensured that the event was a success.

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