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Globibo Transforms AGM Meetings- Empowering Singapore Club with E-Voting


Discover how Globibo revolutionized the AGM meeting experience with seamless e-voting integration. From accurate results to enhanced member engagement, our technology-driven solutions ensure successful and efficient meetings.

CASE STUDY FOR AGM Meeting with E-Voting

Globibo was entrusted with organizing parts of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for a prestigious Singapore club. The main objective was facilitating seamless registration and e-voting for AGM resolutions while providing exceptional audiovisual (AV) and recording services to reliably document the proceeding while enhancing the overall event experience.  

Best Experience

The highlight of the AGM was the impressive 99% participation rate among eligible members who received unique login credentials through SMS and cast their votes using their mobile phones. Despite an older age group it was great to see that all members managed to log in and vote via the mobile platform. This high engagement showcased the effectiveness of the customized events studio platform and the club members' enthusiasm for the e-voting process.  

By leveraging our advanced technology and expertise in event management, we enabled seamless and efficient voting processes for the club's members. The integration of e-voting not only ensured accurate and transparent results but also enhanced member engagement and participation. With our innovative solutions, we continue to empower organizations in embracing digital transformation and optimizing their event experiences. Together, let's redefine the way we connect, engage, and make decisions in the digital age.



Equipments Used







Management of Challenges

Quick troubleshooting was done for the technical challenge faced by the audio setup by the corresponding onsite engineers. We provided extra manpower to support the registration counters on level 1 while there was sufficient manpower to handle the AV setup.


We encountered a technical difficulty with the audio setup for the conference microphones (ground noise). The problem was hard to isolate as the system was integrated with a lot of components of the venue (in-house mixer, in-house cables, in-house speakers). After a thorough analysis of all possible problems, a solution was found and implemented.
Additionally, minor registration issues arose when staff updated members' mobile numbers in the system but failed to send SMS notifications to those members. After the members left the registration counter, it became challenging to trace their identities.
Lastly, the audit reports had to be tallied with all onsite changes to participants. One member had been accidentally created and then deleted, which created a deviation in 1 report. This was quickly identified and documented accordingly.

Roles / Team Members

  1. Project Manager

    Globibo's dedicated coordinator ensured the smooth execution of the event, managing logistics, timelines, and communication with stakeholders.

  2. Engineers

    Globibo's technical experts provided onsite support for AV equipment setup, ensuring optimal audiovisual quality throughout the AGM.
    Registration Engineer
    Audio Engineer
    Recording Engineer
    Camera Engineer

  3. Client

    The Club actively collaborated with Globibo, providing valuable insights and feedback to ensure a successful event. Their in-house IT / AV team was of great help during the setup and their pleasant support made the project a nice experience.


Client Feedback

The client expressed their utmost satisfaction with the entire event management process, particularly praising the seamless e-voting experience and the professional execution of AV and VMix services. Especially the GM of the client company was delighted especially with the service and asked for Globibo’s name card or e-card, as they want to refer it to other clubs as well.

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