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Globibo facilitates a successful Virtual AGM Platform for NASDAQ-listed company


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Globibo was entrusted with organizing a virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) platform for a prominent interior construction and manufacturing company listed on NASDAQ. The objective was to provide all participants with a comprehensive and seamless virtual experience, ensuring efficient management of AGM proceedings and facilitating meaningful engagement.

After a lot of pre-work and preparation, it felt great to see that the actual AGM went super-fast and smoothly. All presenters managed to get through all content swiftly and participants had no technical challenges to follow the proceedings. The experience for the organizer as well as all stakeholders appeared very seamless.



Topic Covered







Management of Challenges

We pointed out to the client all the “overlapping’’ participants and eventually cleared the confusion with the client and structured them accordingly.

Roles / Team Members

  1. Coordinator

    The main project coordinator was assigned by Globibo. This person was responsible to coordinate between the client, instructor, material preparation team, and academic / exam board.

  2. Instructor

    The instructor was a senior lecturer on digital literacy and analytics platforms. She executed the course, based on standardized course material and games.

  3. Client PIC

    The client coordinator facilitated all communication with the students and ensure technical access for all staff.


Client Feedback

The feedback from the company's employees was overwhelmingly positive. All the participants found the training sessions highly informative, engaging, and relevant to their work. They appreciated the practical skills and knowledge they gained and felt that the training would help them to perform better in their roles. The digital literacy training event was again a success. It demonstrated Globibo's expertise in providing customized training solutions that meet the specific needs of each client. The event also showcased Globibo's commitment to delivering high-quality training programs that are engaging, informative, and effective. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with the organization again and look forward to future collaborations.

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