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Empowering the Digital Age- How Globibo’s Training is Shaping the Future



The digital literacy training was targeted at employees of a leading engineering firm in Singapore. The training was aimed at helping their selected staff develop the digital skills and knowledge required to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape.

The training program was designed to be comprehensive and engaging, covering a wide range of topics such as 

  • Data Science Tools
  • Power BI
  • Qlik sense
  • Mentimeter

A total of 25 people took part in this training for digital literacy training. 


The training sessions were highly interactive, with participants actively participating in hands-on exercises and case studies. The training was designed to be relevant to the participants’ work, with real-world examples and practical applications of the concepts covered.


The training was conducted via Zoom. 


As this training was a continuation of a training series that has been running for over 3 years now, the core team was well aware of the setup. The platform was recently changed from WebEx to Zoom, but all facilitators and students were familiar with Zoom as a platform.

The preparation material was circulated 1 week before the actual training.

A Kahoot game was customized also before the actual training and execution of this game rehearsed with all stakeholders.


3 key challenges are pivotal in virtual face-2-face training:

  • Keeping Learners Engaged
  • Technical Risk if the main platform has technical problems for facilitators or students
  • Creating solid learning impulses and practice sessions without physical oversight and individual support onsite

Management of Challenges

To manage those the following steps were taken:

  • On 1: On top of existing engagement through exercises, Q&A, and a question-based presentation of core material, a game was customized to create an energy impulse.
  • On 2: A co-host was assigned, to another location, to reduce the risk of technical failure of the video platform. All students had a PIC contact to request help before, during, and after the training
  • On 3: The entire training was based on the students installing some components to their PC and trying real case studies.

Best experience

In addition to the training sessions, the event provided opportunities for networking and team building. Participants were able to connect with colleagues from different departments and work together on team-building exercises that emphasized collaboration, communication, and problem-solving.

Roles / Team Members

Coordinator: The main project coordinator was assigned by Globibo. This person was responsible to coordinate between the client, instructor, material preparation team, and academic / exam board.

Instructor: The instructor was a senior lecturer on digital literacy and analytics platforms. She executed the course, based on standardized course material and games

Client PIC: The client coordinator facilitated all communication with the students and ensured technical access for all staff.

Client Feedback

The feedback from the company’s employees was overwhelmingly positive. All the participants found the training sessions highly informative, engaging, and relevant to their work. They appreciated the practical skills and knowledge they gained and felt that the training would help them to perform better in their roles.

The digital literacy training event was again a  success. It demonstrated Globibo’s expertise in providing customized training solutions that meet each client’s specific needs. The event also showcased Globibo‘s commitment to delivering high-quality training programs that are engaging, informative, and effective. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with the organization again and look forward to future collaborations.

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