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Globibo: Empowering Inter-Governmental Projects with Mobile Interpretation Solutions


The objective of the event was to provide specialized training in water network management. The focus was on delivering effective language interpretation services to ensure clear communication and knowledge transfer between the trainers and participants.

CASE STUDY FOR Mobile Interpretation Solutions

Globibo played a vital role in empowering inter-governmental projects focused on water network management. With their expertise in consecutive interpretation, Globibo provided seamless language support in Bahasa Indonesian (id-ID) and English (en-GB). Through accurate and effective interpretation, key stakeholders from different linguistic backgrounds were able to collaborate and exchange valuable insights. Globibo's commitment to facilitating clear communication contributed to the success of these projects, fostering international cooperation and enabling efficient management of water networks. Their mobile interpretation solutions proved instrumental in breaking language barriers and promoting effective dialogue for sustainable water resource management.  

The Globibo team took charge of setting up the interpretation equipment and ensuring its proper functioning. They also provided the necessary technical training to the linguists and conducted rehearsals to fine-tune the interpretation process.



Topic Covered






Management of Challenges

  • Prepped ample amounts of spares and had them on standby on-site. Did thorough equipment testing during the pre-event stages to minimize the risk of equipment failure.
  • Alternate to-and-fro between different locations and provide a fast response time to any issues. Maintained constant communication between the Technician and Interpreters. Prepped the interpreters on the use of equipment/troubleshooting beforehand.
  • To account for longer usage of equipment, the Mobile Interpretation System was charged daily and remained at full battery before each session. The receivers and transmitter were distributed and returned in a systematic manner, helping to reduce the risk of missing equipment and adding accountability.
  • Clarified with the client/staff the sequence of the guided tours, their requirements, and what is expected ahead of time. Maintained good communication by ensuring instructions were properly communicated to the participants via the Interpreters. Planning ahead small pockets of time to react to any changes in the program.

Best Experience

Staff from the government entity was thoughtful and accommodating towards our staff and interpreter’s needs. The time management of the event was excellent with little to no delays in the schedule.

Roles / Team Members

  1. Account Manager

    First responder to the client’s inquiry, understanding the requirements of the project and maintaining constant communication and coordination with the client during the pre-event stages of the project.

  2. Project Manager

    Coordinated the required resources for the project according to the client’s requirements. Reacted to any changes to the project requirements and was the intermediate point of contact between the Interpreters to the client.

  3. On-site Project Manager

    Provided technical support and advice during the live event, maintained and was accountable for the use of equipment. He is also the first responder to any queries from the client on-site, arranged and coordinated logistics transport for the delivery of the project.


Client Feedback

The client was impressed that the Interpreters were knowledgeable about the terms used in the water utilities industry. The linguists were commanded for being very quick and accurate with their interpretation. The project manager was highlighted to be friendly and supported the event well, assisting in the technical challenges faced by the participants.

  • Phone:+65 6336 9002