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A successful Team Building Event- How Globibo's Audio System Services Transformed a Global Manufacturing Powerhouse


Globibo delivered exceptional audio system services for a successful team-building event hosted by a global manufacturing powerhouse. With a focus on enhancing employee collaboration and fostering a positive work environment, Globibo provided top-of-the-line audio equipment and seamless integration with the venue's systems. The event featured engaging activities, workshops, and interactive sessions that promoted teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills.

CASE STUDY FOR Team Building Event

Globibo, a leading event management company, had the privilege of organizing a remarkable team-building session for a renowned global manufacturing company. With over 110,000 staff members, the company sought to enhance collaboration and foster stronger relationships among its employees. The event was meticulously designed to provide engaging activities, interactive workshops, and team-building exercises that encouraged communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. Through Globibo's expert guidance, the company's staff experienced a memorable day filled with camaraderie, shared experiences, and a renewed sense of unity. The team-building session served as a catalyst for building a stronger and more cohesive workforce, empowering the company to achieve even greater success in the future.  

The in-house AV system used at the venue was rather outdated. On the other hand, parts of the equipment had to be used (e.g. 2 additional handheld microphones). The old microphones created some unpleasant feedback noise, especially when used with higher volume.



Equipments Used







Management of Challenges

  • The team brought additional handheld microphones to replace the in-house microphones with better models (connected to also a better audio desk). During the start of the event, when the in-house microphone showed bad audio quality, the microphones were quickly replaced.

Best Experience

The client team was absolutely pleasant to work with. They were all in a good mood, due to the nature of the event. They used their Laptops to share youtube videos and songs, and the Globibo team helped as much as they could to make it a fun experience for all.

Roles / Team Members

  1. Coordinator

    The overall Project Coordinator managed the communication before the event and was onsite throughout. He coordinated with the other technical experts during preparation and onsite work.

  2. Client

    The client company played an essential role in providing insights and guidance throughout the event planning process, contributing to the overall success of the team-building session.


Client Feedback

The client expressed their sincere appreciation for the Globibo team's assistance with the audio system, which enabled a fun-filled karaoke night for their colleagues. They commended the team's hard work, and dedication, and expressed hopes that our team enjoyed working with them as well

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